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Our Katahdins -  first class genetics - at home and around the world

Live Animals, Semen and Embryos

We (TLC Kathadins and Wild West Woolless ) are based in Alberta, Canada. Our flock is maintained at the highest possible health status for sale(s) world-wide. We consistently strive for quality and diversity in our flock genetics. Please contact us to find out about rams and/or ewes that can add these excellent genetics to your flock. We have semen in storage now; and welcome enquiries regarding semen and/or embryo collection for both the domestic and the international market.

South America

In 2011 we sent a large shipment of  Katahdin semen and embryos to Ovitec in Chilean Patagonia.  They were the basis of a project to develop a purebred and cross bred flock of sheep that are easy lambers and demonstrate excellent maternal qualities. This flock is intended to be hardy and self - sufficient in an extensive grazing environment; and to produce lamb meat as the primary product. The Katahdin is a radical change in a region where income from wool is still the foundation of the farm.
To date, the project has been quite successful. The first crop of lambs was born in Sept 2012.  Ovitec is very pleased with the growth rate. (Adjacent picture taken at a field day on March 3, 2013.)  The 2012  crop will be bred in Spring, 2014. We look forward to continued success of this project.

Central America and the Caribbean

This is a region with expanding sheep and goat production and we are looking forward to entering those markets.
We have established  two business contacts in this area.

Costa Rica: Gabriela Perez   pmgabriela@gmail.com

Jamaica:  Gabrielle Young    drgyoung@hotmail.com


In 2010  several purebred rams were shipped to Britain to help develop a commercial flock that would produce a more economical meat lamb (lean / hardy / woolless / hornless). Katahdin rams - the established breed - were paired with Easycare ewes.

The first crop of cross lambs was born in 2012. As would be expected the qualities/traits presented in the lambs is not entirely consistent. However, this is a longer term project, and we expect that the most desirable traits will be bred in over the next several breeding seasons.


2012 Rams

British Sheep


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